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Friday, April 08, 2005


My friend Ginni died this morning. She'd been fighting breast cancer for over 10 years now. She had been at the threshold of getting a stem cell transplant from her sister Karen but found out the cancer was too far advanced. That was just a week or so ago and now she's gone.

Ginni leaves behind her precious children, her sister Karen, her Aunt Joan, numerous other family members and a huge sisterhood at ya-ya.com. I had the great pleasure of meeting Ginni in person several years ago at a gathering in Dallas. Ginni was the epitome of grace and courage. She and Karen, although a year apart in age, were more like twins. I am blessed to be able to call both of them friends.

My heart is breaking today for those left behind, especially Karen. Cancer is such an evil killer. It seems to take those we most need here among us. Ginni was involved in several studies and it is my hope that others will benefit from her struggle and that this evil cancer is wiped out very soon.


  • At 3:14 PM, Blogger Dixie said…

    I'm so heartbroken about Ginni. On one hand I'm so relieved that her suffering has come to an end and I'm grateful that she's with the Lord for eternity but I'm so heartbroken for those she's left behind who loved her so very much.

    Ginni taught me so much about dignity and integrity and bravery. I can't tell you how much respect and love I have for her.


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