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Thursday, April 07, 2005

If I were Queen of the World for 24 hours, I would...

This is a little game we played at Y's house the other night. It will make you think about what's important to the world as well as yourself.

1. Do away with the death penalty.
2. Make every country get rid of their nuclear weapons (Hey, Shrub! That includes the 200 or so you're hiding behind your back, jackass)
3. Legalize gay marriage.
4. Legalize every illegal alien already here in the US.
5. Throw out every Congressperson that voted in the Terry Schiavo fiasco. (That was so not cool, dudes)
6. Release all political prisoners.
7. Get some shopping done.
8. Have some lunch with my girlfriends anywhere they chose.
9. Shut down Fox (so-called) News.
10. Make sure everyone had access to free healthcare.
11. Make sure everyone had running water and electricity.
12. Take a nap.
13. Abolish the electorial college.
14. Bring our troops home.
15. Throw a big ol' dinner party.
16. Try to restore the worldwide reputation of the US.
17. Make sure that cancer and AIDS research had enough money to find a cure quickly.

Psst - Don't come here and rag on the things I would do. It's my 24 hours and I'll do what I danged well please. Instead, come here and tell me what you would do if you had 24 hours


  • At 3:12 PM, Blogger Dixie said…

    Yeah. Guess you told ol' Word So Fart!

    You'll have to check back over the weekend for my list. I mean you'll have to check back on my turf for it.


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