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Monday, April 11, 2005

Random Thoughts

I'm tired this evening. It's raining and I'm yawning and it's only 6:30 pm. How pathetic is that? Because of my lack of energy all you're going to get this evening is a few random thoughts. Sorry.

Tomorrow I'm wearing pink and at noon, the time the funeral starts, I will light a candle for Ginni. Many of the Ya-Ya Sisters are going to do the same so we'll have candles burning together around the world in memory of our Duchess of Grace.

I bought that flat of strawberries over the weekend and I'm tired of them already. Wonder how many pints I can get my sister to take. [vbg]

I'd been calling E Enrique, the pool boy, but he didn't like Enrique so I started calling him Pachitothe pool boy, but he didn't like that either. So he decided he wanted to be called Phillipe, the pool boy, but I keep forgetting Phillipe so I've been calling him Frappachino, the pool boy. It gets his dander up a bit but I figure, heck, if it gets him motivated to clean out the pool then so be it. If he'd hurry up and go back to work, I'd hire a real pool boy. [vbg]

My dog, Sophie, is curled up under the guest bed in here and snoring. It echoes and sounds like a buzz saw.

I should be knitting right now.

I'm going to apply for a part-time evening job on Wednesday at a local answering service.

I got to come home two hours early today because an electrical transformer blew at the office. This happens several times a year. One of the programmers suggested we move the office to a different grid. I wanted to kick him in the shin. One of the network techs asked if this was like school and we'd have to make it up. I wanted to kick him in the shin as well. Why can't these guys just shut the heck up and enjoy their free two hours? Don't look a freakin' gift horse in the mouth, fellas.

I've really missed my friend M lately. She's got a really busy life and we've not had much contact. But Ginni has a way of bringing folks together. M and I have talked several times since Friday and it's been good to hear her voice. Can't wait to get together with her soon.

Tonight E boiled some edamame (soy beans) for me and I shared some with Sophie and Sneauball. They loved them! Now every time I have edamame they'll demand their share just like they do with fortune cookies. Ingrates! [vbg]

Friday evening was a disaster. After having to deal with losing Ginni all day at work, all I wanted to do was come home and relax. E called and told me he'd cleaned off the deck. After that all I could think of was getting home, fixing myself some amaretto and pineapple juice, and spending the evening on my deck. So when I got home I proceeded to do just that. I fixed drinks for E and I then had the bright idea that Sophie and Sneauball needed to get used to being in the backyard with Rikka, the German Shepherd. I handed them to E on their leashes and brought the drinks out back. Well, no sooner than we stepped in the back than the fight broke out between Sneauball and Rikka and Sneauball was winning. So I told E to let them fight it out. As I sat down in my chair and place my drink on the little table, they decided to move the fight to my location. Before I could grab the drink, Rikka hit the table with her big 50 lb butt, knocking the drink over onto herself, the deck, and poor little Sneauball. So instead of a relaxing evening I had a wet, sticky dog to deal with and no drink left. Since the dogs needed grooming anyway, E and I ended up spending our "relaxing evening" bathing two dogs and a cat and grooming both dogs. By the time I finished two hours later I was covered from head to toe in dog hair. How easy well-laid plans go awry. Oy!


  • At 2:25 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said…

    Barefoot I needed a smile and you and the pool boy along with your dog story did it. You are an excellent writer. I will be viewing you more! Thanks


  • At 10:17 PM, Anonymous pkb said…

    uhhh barefoot, you wanna clue tiffany in on the fact that frappy is my man? bwhahaha!

    hey tiffany, don't you just love barefoot?


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