Mid-Life Ramblings; Sanity Optional

Tuesday, April 26, 2005

Random Thoughts

Since I don't have a particular theme running through my head for this post, I'm making it another Random Thoughts segment. It's my blog, I can do what I want. :-P

I'm dying to know how long it's going to take that danged pool to clear up. E's been working himself to the bone. It's getting better. Today we can actually see the bottom in the shallow end. It's the right shade of blue but very cloudy. I should have paid better attention in chemistry class.

My friend Lisa posted about a little five year-old girl in her son's class that just got diagnosed with leukemia and it's been eating away at me all day. That was the age that my nephew Ty was when he was diagnosed nearly two years ago. I get so very angry when I think of little kids that have to learn to deal with illnesses and death at such a very young age. Ty is doing great. He's been in remission for a year and a half. His prognosis is fantastic. There's no reason to think he won't survive this. But he can spit out names of medications that no child should know. He can tell you all about spinal taps and MRIs and chemotherapy. He can also tell you that he lost his best St. Jude buddy Ricky last year - if he's willing to talk about it. It's just not fair that some kids lose some of their innocence because of these diseases.

I skipped the trivia tournament tonight because I wanted to spend the evening in my backyard. It was wonderful. [vbg]

E spent the afternoon dropping off resumes. He's really starting to think outside his normal employment comfort zone and I have to tell you I'm excited. I believe he'll find something very soon.

This weekend, if I can't swim in the pool yet, I'm planning to take my paints outside and start working on something. I've been feeling the need to paint again.

There's some Blue Bell Mint Chocolate Chip ice cream in the freezer calling my name. I'm about to give in to that temptation.

I'm going to try to write just about every day. I really enjoy getting my thoughts down in a post but am sometimes just too lazy to sit here and compose something.

Yep, that ice cream is winning. See y'all later.