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Saturday, April 09, 2005

Yesterday vs. Today

Ok, I'm cross-posting this from my thread at www.ya-ya.com but it's all I can get out of my brain tonight.

Yesterday I walked around in a zombie-like state. My heart was hurting and I fluctuated between extreme sadness and deep anger because Ginni was taken from this earth.

Yesterday I came here to be with all of you to mourn Ginni and to remind each other what she'd meant to our sisterhood.

Yesterday I cried myself to sleep.

But today was a gorgeous, sunshine-filled, spring day. The temperature was a bit warm but there was a gentle breeze blowing.

Today I spent with my two closest girlfriends who have been in my life for years and years now.

Today we lunched and went to the Strawberry Festival and spent time as sisters.

Today was a day that brought a little healing into my heart. It was a day that had Ginni written all over it. It was a day to remind me how important girl time is with those I love.

Today I placed a sunflower that spins in the wind out under our crepe myrtle tree and it is for Ginni. Now everytime the breeze blows and that flower moves it will remind me of Ginni and how much she taught us all.

Today was about life and learning to live in the present the way Ginni did instinctively. It was about enjoying each minute as it came and not worrying about the one that just passed or the next one to come.

Today I remembered how to smile.


  • At 12:50 PM, Blogger Dixie said…

    It's all about getting through, bebe...getting through.


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