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Thursday, May 05, 2005

Cold Water and Squirrel Business

The pool is finally ready to swim in. Hooray! But...the water temperature is only 70 degrees Fahrenheit with the optimal swimming temperature being in the 78 to 82 degree range. I never thought I'd ever find myself praying for hot weather.

This evening when I got home I put on a pair of shorts and headed toward the pool. I waded down the steps as far as I could then just sat on the edge with my legs hanging in. I must admit it was fantastic. E sat in his chair reading and the dogs sniffed around and watched me kicking the water around. Quite a peaceful evening.

That is until a squirrel fell out of the tree. I was sitting at the edge of the pool holding Sneauball when we heard a loud THWACK! followed by a grey object accompanied by some leaves hit the ground. Sneauball jumped up and ran to the fence to see what it was. I have to admit all I could do was laugh. I'd never seen a squirrel fall out of a tree before. Poor little thing was fine. He got right back up and jumped up into the tree with Sneauball on his heels. I had the giggles over it for a good ten minutes.

We discovered the other day that we have a pair of red-headed woodpeckers living in the tree. The male is quite the cleanly fellow. He entertained us for nearly an hour the other evening as we watched him clean out a crook in the tree. Apparently this is where they've taken up residence and when he arrived home that evening he found it full of leaves and just had enough. So one by one he began throwing the leaves out of the tree. He didn't stop until he was satisfied that his quarters were spit-spot.

Tonight I saw the male woodpecker arrive home so I laid back on the side of the pool to watch him. That's when I noticed the little squirrel that had fallen out of the tree who appeared to be busy at work. We've already got one huge squirrel nest in the tree but I believe this guy is building another. E got his binoculars and joined me and we lay there and watched that little guy hustle one way to get a little branch full of leaves then back to place it in the crook of the tree. One of the other squirrels went up there and I thought he'd give my little friend a hand but apparently he's just the building inspector because he looked at my friend's work then continued on.

I can't wait to see all the new baby squirrels soon. I know we'll have some around because E and I caught a couple of them having squirrel sex on the roof of the breezeway the other day. My friend Lisa was on the phone when I noticed them so E took a picture for us to send to her. As soon as I can get him to download it I'll make sure and send it on its way. I hate to keep her waiting so long for that pic.

It looks like I'll be found floating around the pool this weekend. Although the water is a bit cold, I think that during the afternoon when the sun is warm I can get on my float and just enjoy floating and keeping up with the squirrel business. [vbg]