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Monday, July 25, 2005

Bad blogging and random stuff

I've been a bad blogger. It's been a week since I posted anything here. To be honest with y'all, I haven't had very much to say and it was a hectic week last week. I promise I'll try to be a better blogger from now on.

Now for the random stuff to get you caught up with my life (like you really care LOL):

1. My nephew Ty has been in the hospital for the better part of the past two weeks and we still don't know when he's getting out. He's got a bacterial infection and his poor little immune deficient body is having a hard time fighting it. (He's 7 and fighting ALL - leukemia) He's a tough little man, though. He's actually liking the fact that he can "get what I want, pretty much anytime I want". Yep, he's learned how to work the system. [vbg]

2. E's work schedule got changed. Now he's going to be working four days a week but each day will be 12 - 14 hours. I'm thrilled about the overtime pay but sad that I won't get to see much of him in the evenings for a while.

3. We finally got E's truck repaired from the wreck he had just over a year ago. Why? Because his inspection sticker is expired and he couldn't get another one as long as he had taillight damage.

4. I finished El's scarf and I think it came out great. It's wide enough that she can use it as a wrap or she can fold or scrunch it up and wear it as a scarf. It's red blended chenille. I swear I'll post a pic soon.

5. I'm beginning the Wavy scarf from knitty.com in a charcoal grey wool for E.

It will look very manly in the grey wool.

6. I was a terrible friend on Saturday. I had scheduled a 2 pm CDT phone date with my friend DixiePeach and I forgot to call her. Now I feel terrible. :-( Dix, I'm so very sorry. Can we reschedule? How about this Sunday? I'm really lonesome.

7. E and I went out with K & M and Y & Er Saturday night. We had dinner at Zea in Lafayette on Saturday night. We finished the evening at Y & Er's visiting and imbibing in the Funky Llama wine we'd brought and the Don Pedro brandy that K & M brought. K and I don't really drink so we watched as the other four enjoyed themselves, maybe a little too much. E had a miserable ride home and a rather aching head for most of the day yesterday. That's what he gets for mixing his liquor. [vbg]

8. Yesterday I watched the entire Michael Palin - Himalaya series on the Travel Channel from start to finish. It was a great series.

9. Last night Ty and El's 5 year-old Border Collie Jazzy died. She'd had a stroke of some sorts at the beginning of the summer and she had another one yesterday. El's little heart is broken. :-(

10. Keith is back in Orlando for the Shuttle launch tomorrow. He's being interviewed by an Austin, TX radio station at 7 am in the morning. He's nervous but he'll do fine. :-)

Now you're all caught up. I'm too tired to get into the Karl Rove debachle here tonight. Suffice it to say that I'm very proud of Louisiana Senator Mary Landrieu . She's one of 26 Senators that have signed a request for immediate hearings on Rove-gate. Go, Mary!


  • At 4:51 AM, Anonymous Stephanie said…

    I love, love, love Michael Palin. I'm sad I missed the series. :(

  • At 8:36 AM, Anonymous tigerlilly said…

    Ok, I am bookmarking you honey. Just found you on ABB's board, and I am always happy to find fellow Louisianians on the web. I'll be back...and I LOVE Sneauball!

  • At 1:51 PM, Blogger Dixie said…

    Don't worry about the phone date, sugar. We'll make up for lost time!

    Ooo. I love Mary Landrieu. How come you get her and I have to be stuck with crap like Trent Lott?


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