Mid-Life Ramblings; Sanity Optional

Thursday, July 28, 2005

Not Friday But Almost

I have been finding myself wanting to blog about political stuff a lot lately because there's a lot of political stuff going on out there that burns my butt. A while ago I felt myself just itching to get on here and blast CAFTA and tell you all about how horrible I think it's going to be for our country.

But then I went over to read ABB's blog and her daily post was so positive that it truly inspired me. It also made me realize that there's been plenty of negativity swirling around in my head lately and I'm tired of that. I also figured out why. I have the radio on in my office all day, every day because I hate silence. In the mornings when I get in, I turn on the local Top 40 station and listen to the Kidd Kraddick In The Morning Show. (I just love those guys - especially Kellie Rasberry, who's attitude reminds me of me so very often [vbg] ) After they sign off at 10 a.m., I've been switching to the local Air America channel to listen to some good progressive commentary. I now realize I have officially overloaded. Listening to those guys for 2/3 of my day manages to keep me pretty pissed off about the state of our nation in general.

So just now, I changed the channel. I am listening to some good dance music on Diva 103.3 and chair-dancing. I've got one hour left before I head home and I'm already feeling much better. When I get home I'm jumping in the pool, unless it's storming again. I'm going to enjoy hanging out with my dogs and husband and eat some leftover Chinese takeout for dinner. No more politics for today. I'm going to take it in much smaller doses. My blood pressure will appreciate that, for sure.

Y'all have a great evening. :-D