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Tuesday, August 09, 2005

Suffer the little children

I just need to say how unfair I think it is that little kids get sick and that little kids die.

For most of the past month, my nephew Ty has been in the hospital fighting a bacterial infection and molluscum. This is all thanks to his deficient immune system caused by the chemotherapy to fight the ALL (leukemia). Ty's only 7 years old. Once again this year school will start without him. He'll be homebound until they can get this infection gone. He's too susceptable to everything right now to be around a bunch of other kids at school. So once again this year he'll be the "different" kid at school, there some of the time and home some of the time. They're on their way back from his checkup at St. Jude as I type this. St. Jude will be FedExing a new medicine that they've used on adult AIDS patients to treat molluscum. Ty's case is the worst his doctors have ever seen - 400 to 500 bumps concentrated in the area of his bottom. His mom will have to take digital photos and email them to the doctors every other day during the treatment.

Then today my friend Karen is having to say goodbye to her aunt's six-year-old grandson Mason who swallowed a dart Friday. I don't have all the medical details but he quit breathing and was down long enough to cause severe irrepairable brain damage. He's been in a coma all weekend on feeding and breathing tubes. The doctors told the family to let him go yesterday. They are pulling the plugs today. Little Mason turned six last Wednesday.

It's days like today that I just don't understand what's fair and just. I don't understand how and why this can happen to little ones. Days like today shake my faith from the ground up. May Mason's family find peace today as they say goodbye.


  • At 12:40 PM, Anonymous Kay said…

    I agree with you totally. I don't understand why children have to suffer with illnesses or how a family deals with the death of a child. It's so terribly sad.
    My thoughts and prayers go out to Mason's family.
    I hope the new meds help Ty.
    Love to you, dear friend.


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