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Monday, September 26, 2005

Eat at Chili's today for St. Jude

With all the hurricane drama down here, I forgot to post this with more advance notice.

Today is the day that Chili's restaurants donate all their profits to St. Jude Children's Research Hospital. Children from all over the world, including my nephew Tyler who has ALL leukemia, benefit greatly from the wonderful things St. Jude does. They are the world's leading resource for children's diseases, especially cancer.

Tyler was diagnosed at age 5 on July 1, 2003. My sister and brother-in-law immediately took him to St. Jude. He has been cancer-free since September of 2003. BTW, Ty and my sister were at St. Jude when Jeff Probst was there shooting the Chili's promo, including the photo above.

The other wonderful thing about St. Jude is that the families never see a bill. The hospital bills the family's insurance company, if they have insurance, but never, ever bills the family. This is achieved by donations and was the brain child of actor Danny Thomas.

So if you can, have some dinner at Chili's tonight and think about my nephew and all those other great kids you're helping. I'll be at the Chili's on Siegen here in Baton Rouge with my nephew, celebrating his life and the miracle of St. Jude.