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Thursday, September 29, 2005

Louisiana - Putting the FUN in DysFUNctional

I have had it with this current administration (like I hadn't long before today). I am sick of the good ol' boys club running this freakin' country. Just yesterday Michael "Brownie, you're doing a heckuva job" Brown, ex-director of FEMA, called Louisiana dysfunctional.

"My biggest mistake was not recognizing, by Saturday (before the storm made landfall), that Louisiana was dysfunctional," Michael Brown told a House panel looking into the aftermath of the catastrophic storm.

"I have overseen over 150 presidentially declared disasters. I know what I am doing. And I think I do a pretty darn good job of it," he said.

Well, let's see, Brownie. Screwed up Florida after they had four storms last year? Check. Sent millions of dollars to Miami for some of that storm relief when they were never touched by those storms? Check. Waited to get supplies into Louisiana for five days after Katrina hit? Check.

Yeah, heckuva job, Brownie. What was I thinking?

My sister, the diehard conservative, has recently had an epiphany about this current administration (and may I say how very proud I am of her!). Yesterday she remarked that when other countries have had natural disasters, the U.S. goes rushing in and throws all sorts of money around for relief efforts (as well we should). But never, not even once, have we ever called one of those countries "dysfunctional" and never once have we suggested that they rebuild somewhere else because, after all, this could happen again. In other words, we don't sit and kick folks in other countries while they're down. Instead we do what a true compassionate nation should do - we send money and volunteers and supplies and help them rebuild.

How dare this country treat their own like second class citizens!

I expect Louisiana, Mississippi, Alabama, and now Texas to be treated with at the very least the same respect we treat third world countries that need our help (although Louisiana seems to be catching the brunt of the criticism and Monday morning quarterbacking). In fact, it was mentioned yesterday that things with FEMA went so much better in Mississippi and Alabama where they have REPUBLICAN governors.

Oh yeah? How come Mississippians were all over the TV wondering where FEMA was during the days after the storm? I don't think they believe they were treated any better.

You know what - it might just cost that whole $250 billion that our Congressmen and Congresswomen have requested and so what if it does??? The New Orleans metro area is quite large and, as this entire country has seen since Katrina, is an area that supplies more than a good drunk and some cheap Bourbon Street strippers to the rest of the country. This is a state that on a good day loses a football field of coastland every freakin' hour. Do they have any clue as to how much we lost thanks to these two storms??? We have no barrier islands left now. So what if we need $250 billion dollars? How much have we thrown away each day on a war based on lies??? How much has this country lost annually thanks to Scooter's tax cuts for the rich???

I'm about done with folks trying to tell Louisiana how to rebuild. Back the hell off and watch us. We are a hardy bunch of folks who have survived much worse than this. I am a Cajun and my roots go back to through the first ethnical cleansing experienced on this continent. My people were pushed out of their homes, not by a natural disaster, but by the English, who decided they couldn't keep their land if they didn't choose sides in their ridiculous war. We were thrown to the wind then and yet we survived. Now over 300 years later we will rebuild New Orleans and it will be back exactly where Bienville put it. It may take us a while but it will be back and the rest of this state will be back as well.

It's time for Brownie, Scooter, and all their cronies to learn it isn't ever wise to cross a Coonass and it's suicide to cross the whole damn bunch.


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