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Wednesday, November 30, 2005

Bye Bye Birdie-Bird

Well, we did it. Oscar has moved off to a new home and I am convinced it's a good thing. It's not E's fault that he can't tune him out like I can when he gets a bit noisy. He's tried and tried for two years now. And Oscar was bonded to me so anytime I entered the room or left the room he made all sorts of noise until I paid some attention to him. It always ended up with E fussing at Oscar and me fussing at E to leave Oscar alone. It will be much more peaceful now.

It took me a while to decide who to give Oscar to. I got a bunch of offers for him but I wanted to make sure that whoever took him would love him and take good care of him. When I read JK's email, I knew that she was probably the one. They have several kids and had just bought a pair of baby cockatiels for one of the daughters for Christmas. But one of them died of a yeast infection after three vet visits and a good sum of money. I knew that this family would take good care of my Oscar. When I emailed her to let her know they could have him, she was thrilled. We talked on the phone yesterday afternoon and clicked immediately.

Last night I took Oscar out of his cage for a while. He doesn't like the process of being taken out and will make you chase him all over the cage but he loves being out once he's on your finger. He sang to me and talked to me - "Hello, birdie-bird", "I love you, birdie-bird", "Pretty birdie-bird", "Sophie, come here!" He gave me kisses and called the cat and laughed when I laughed at him. He gave us his wolf whistle as well as the Bob Seger whistle from the end of Jungle Love that I taught him. He talked to the dogs and got to walk on each of them for a few seconds before they couldn't take it anymore and moved away. Even Nate behaved and didn't try to eat Oscar this time. Of course, Oscar isn't afraid of the dogs or the cat. If they get too close, he just bites at their noses. He bit at my thumbs if I forgot and moved one while holding him because he just hates thumbs for some reason. We had fun hanging out in the house together for a while then I put him back in his cage and told him I loved him.

This morning when I left for work I told him bye. E cleaned out Oscar's cage and brought him to meet his new flock. He said that he spent some time telling JK about Oscar and she was excited to have him. Oscar was whistling for them already so things were going well. I received an email from her when they got home and she's promised updates and pictures. I know they'll love him and he'll love them back. He just loves being with people and animals and they have a house full of both.

I cried over it a couple of days ago but today I feel good about it. Our house will be quiet, that's for sure. E said that Sophie was looking for Oscar earlier. But we were able to make a family happy for Christmas and find Oscar a good home in the process. That's definitely a good thing.


  • At 4:11 PM, Blogger Dixie said…

    We had a bird when I first moved to Germany and Kucki and I didn't bond at all. I was a little freaked out by him and was scared for him to be out of his cage and anywhere near me.

    My MIL's dog hated the bird and would jump on him if he were out of the cage so Kucki had to stay caged all the time and he didn't like it so we ended up giving Kucki away to the neice of a friend who had other birds and the birds flew free in their house.

    Until Kucki was gone I didn't know how much B loved that bird. Kucki would sing a special song for him if B was alone in the room with him and they were always together every day. I sometimes think I'd like to get him a bird but I think Bonnie would freak.

    I'm sure Oscar's going to be great in his new home. Kucki was.

  • At 9:14 AM, Blogger LeaderOfMyPack said…

    The new people sound great, and Oscar sounds wonderful! I am glad you are at peace with your choice.



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