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Wednesday, December 14, 2005

Christmas gatherings with friends

This evening the group that we play NTN trivia with weekly had our Christmas get together. We're a fun bunch of geeks and misfits.

When E and I first moved into Baton Rouge proper, the only folks we knew here were my sister and BIL. We functioned for quite a while without really knowing anyone else in the city but realizee that we'd like to meet some folks to hang out with. We ate out several times and played trivia alone at Buffalo Wild Wings. Judging by the local high scores, we figured out that there must be a local team that participated in the Tuesday night Showdown tournaments.

One night we realized that we were sitting next to a few of the team and were doing pretty well playing against them. We finally introduced ourselves and bantered back and forth a while. By the time we left, they'd invited us to join them.

That was two years ago. Those guys have become friends that we see nearly every week. We laugh together and argue about correct answers and we kick some serious trivia ass. We're usually the highest ranking group in Louisiana.

Tonight we gathered where there were no NTN trivia boxes to keep us occupied. Instead we filled up on food and sweets and just enjoyed each other's company. We count ourselves fortunate to know such a good group of people that we share that common bond with.

If you play NTN trivia, watch the Top 20 board every now and again for Buffalo Wild Wings in Baton Rouge because we hit it a good bit. Just a bunch of geeks and misfits but, man, we have a good time.


  • At 1:47 PM, Blogger Shark-fu said…


    Bill would love to get a card from you! You are so cool to offer.

    If you shoot me an e-mail I can send you his address!


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