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Tuesday, January 24, 2006

I just can't stand it any more!

This morning as I was getting ready for work, E and I were watching Good Morning America when they announced that Bu$h was out promoting his domestic spying program and blaming the bad press on the Dems. [insert rolling eyes here]

Then what do my eyes see but Bay Buchanan, wife of Pat Buchanan, (of the Neo-Con, can't get elected to shit Buchanans), who has apparently become a self-appointed pundit for the conservative mission and she was frothing at the mouth with love for Scooter Bu$h. She was, of course, defending Scooter's spying but here were some of her talking points -

* We are at war and in a time of war folks should just let the president do whatever it is he needs to do.
* Can you imagine how much information they would have lost if they'd had to wait around for some judge to sign a wiretapping order?
* We didn't have such crappy laws in place in earlier wars.
* (And my personal favorite) Can you imagine General Patton waiting around for a judge to sign a wiretapping order?

I'd like to take a moment to answer each one of those points individually.

+ Uh no. There is never a time when we should allow a president to violate the law and take away some of our civil rights.
+ The wiretapping law clearly states that they can begin a tap PRIOR to getting the order signed. They have a specific amount of time to get the order once they begin the tap. If they fail to get the order, they have to shut down the tap and they can't use anything they've gained. Therefore, (now follow me folks) they.don't.have.to.wait.so.they.don't.lose.any.time.
+ Yes, we didn't have such laws during previous wars and civil rights were violated, Japanese American citizens were locked up in interrment camps, and folks were accused of shit they didn't do. I think we needed to add that little law.
+ General Patton wasn't in the business of wiretapping. That's not a general's job. Can she be so stupid as to really believe Patton would be the best example to use for this?

What Scooter and his minions at the NSA have been doing is listening in on calls between American citizens located here and parties located overseas. Technically, under their little rule they could be tapping the line when I call my friend DixiePeach in Germany. Now we'd bore them to death with talk of knitting, peanut butter and mayonnaise sandwiches, our fun in Memphis, and sock monkeys but they could take it upon themselves to listen in anyway. I think what I'm going to do is make sure and preface any future calls to Dix with a disclaimer such as "Fuck Scooter and the NSA". They'll be adding that shit to my file, I just know it.

Scooter can run around and try to spin it all he wants. You can paint a turd red to look like a rose but it's still a turd. Somebody needs to keep pushing for an investigation because someone needs to go to jail for this shit.

And, Mother, I apologize for burning your retinas if you read this.


  • At 8:16 AM, Anonymous Duchess of Drama said…

    I have to tell you, my dear friend, all of this crap is making my long-buried Democratic spirit rise up again. I am beyond pissed with W and Crew as of late, yet again. You may well be seeing me on the dark side in '08.

  • At 9:29 AM, Blogger Romani Heart said…

    Thank you for posting what I didn't have the guts to :)

  • At 5:22 PM, Blogger Dixie said…

    Oh between phone calls to my sister talking about Scooter and calls with you, our file with the NSA must be a mile high.

    It's illegal wiretapping. And why ANYONE would tolerate it is beyond me. I just want to find the people who support this and shake them and tell them to wake the fuck up.


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