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Tuesday, March 07, 2006

Catching up on stuff

Since I've been out of pocket, I thought I'd do one post summarizing what's been going on since I last posted.

1. E's sister Sue arrived from Utah on the 24th and spent the next nine days with us. We had such a great time when we weren't sick. She's been coming out to visit about every six months and this was her first Mardi Gras. I think she's hooked.

2. We actually saw more parades on the Westbank than we did in the city of New Orleans this year. We caught tons of stuff. On the Sunday night before Mardi Gras we froze our asses off waiting for Bacchus to get to our spot on the route. The wind was blowing and I had a quilt wrapped around me. But on Mardi Gras day we wound up sunburned as we watched Grela and Chocktaw on the Westbank.

3. Sue got sick on the Monday before Mardi Gras. It was some sort of virus from what we can guess. Could have been a severe allergic reaction to all the mold in the air in New Orleans. She was down for the count for two days, bless her heart. It sucks to be sick while you're on vacation.

4. I got sick the day after Mardi Gras. Definitely a virus. I'm still fighting the crap but I'm much better than I was originally - stuffy head, fever, horrible cough, and other gross things I won't get into here. I was miserable until Sunday. I managed to get to work on Friday but I was pretty out of it.

5. Friday we had tickets to see Beausoleil live here in BR. All I really wanted to do was crawl in bed but I'd bought the tickets in advance so I loaded up on Dayquil and Tylenol and headed off to enjoy some good Cajun music. We definitely weren't disappointed. Those guys rocked the house. I even got Michael Doucet's autograph.

6. I managed to finish the cap and E's Wavy scarf so I won my gold medal in the Knitting Olympics.

I know, I know, I'll get the pics up here soon. I promise.

I'm still not at 100% but I'm doing much better so I'll be around more. I'll try not to lag so long between posts.


  • At 2:56 PM, Blogger Dixie said…

    Oh sweetie! I hate that you've been sick! Hope all is back to normal soon!


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