Mid-Life Ramblings; Sanity Optional

Friday, May 12, 2006

Bad, Bad Blogger

I can't believe that I've let 11 days slip by since my last post. I apologize to anyone who still cares enough to check in here. I'll try to do better, I promise. I do have a good excuse. Work got rough for a couple of weeks and I didn't have any time to get online at lunch to post and in the evenings I was just too danged tired. It seems to be easing up just a bit now, thankfully.

E is working some crazy shifts at his current job. He has, however, just completed his second interview for our local cable company and we're hoping to get some good news next week. This will be a great opportunity for him. He'll still be working shifts but he won't be climbing ladders and hauling heavy stuff around all day. Poor baby has been coming home with his feet killing him every day. He's a diabetic and his feet are not in the shape to be doing so much physical labor. Y'all keep your fingers crossed that they call him next week with good news.

It's weird not having him home with me every evening. I hate prowling around that house by myself which is ridiculous because I lived alone for 15 years before I married him. Now after only 6 1/2 years I'm reduced to moaning about having to spend time alone. Geez, what a baby.

Unless it warms up a ton tomorrow, this will be the third weekend in a row that I have been home and unable to spend the day in the pool and it's pissing me off. The forces of nature are conspiring against me and they just need to cut that crap out.

I'm planning to meet my mom in Lafayette for a Mother's Day lunch on Sunday. E and Dad will both be working so it'll just be us girls.

Not much else to report for now. Hope y'all have a wonderful weekend.