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Saturday, April 28, 2007

Guess who got a new digital camera?

Yes, it's true. I am no longer old schooling it with my 35mm camera. We recently got a Canon PhotoShot S3 and I am LOVING it. So I'll be doing some photo-blogging and video-blogging as soon as I can figure out how to link it to here and all that.

Anyway, E and I headed out to Ville Platte, Louisiana today and visited Chicot State Park. We walked out over the bayou on the pedestrian bridge and I took some tons of pics.

Click on any pic to view it larger

Some cypress trees near the bank

Water lilies in the algae

A water lily in bloom

Bayou Chicot

View from the bridge

Cypress grove

Maple leaf

We saw an owl flying off in the background. But the best thing was the sound. The alligators were calling out to each other with a loud "hurrumph" every few minutes. We also heard a group of coyote puppies playing off in the woods. And the bird sounds were fantastic.

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  • At 3:11 PM, Blogger Keith said…

    Welcome to the 21st Century! I hope this means that I'll be seeing lots of pics on your blog now, like shots of our niece and nephew with their new pets.
    I've almost forgotten how incredibly green the landscape is in Louisiana. It all looks exodic and lush to me now.


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