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Monday, August 27, 2007

Gonzo, Gonzo, Gone!

The rats continue to flee the sinking ship that is the Bu$h administration.
In light of today’s news, I am posting an open letter to Alberto Gonzales:

Farewell, Gonzo, I’m glad to see you go. It sucks when the people come for you, doesn’t it?

Let’s review the legacy you leave:

1. You wrote the opinion that allows Americans to torture prisoners of war against every Geneva Convention ever held.

2. You illegally fired eight U.S. Attorneys because they didn’t play Bu$h and Rove’s political games.

3. You and several Bu$h henchmen went to the hospital when John Ashcroft was very ill and bullied him into signing off on your wiretapping of Americans program; the very same program he’d refused to sign off on because he felt it was unconstitutional.

4. You have allowed the Justice Department to be run on politics rather than on justice.

5. You made a mockery of Congressional hearings.

All I can say is that Congress better continue their investigations. I hope to see you in prison before this is all over with.

In the wake of your leaving, it appears we may get ol’ Chertoff – the guy who did such a bang up job of running FEMA and sending help to the Gulf Coast region after Katrina and the guy who recently wanted the terror threat level raised because he had a “gut feeling” as well as being Rudy Gulliani’s big buddy and a big Bu$h yes man. I can hardly contain my excitement.

I’m sure you’re hurting today over having to give up your grand job. But I feel confident that in a couple of months you’ll be completely unable to recall any of it.



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