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Saturday, September 29, 2007

It's a Boy!!!

We have been kitty-less in this house for a year now, since our beloved Omar died. I have to admit that I have been very lonesome for some kitty love. Before E and the dogs came into my life, I had cats. Three to be exact. And old age took them all. So last October I found myself catless for the first time in 19 years and I thought that was going to be alright. But as time has passed, I've become more lonesome for a cat.

So a couple of days ago I found a cat through Petfinder.com and begged E to let me get him. He is about a year old and a full-blooded Persian. He's just the sweetest boy you can imagine. The rescue group had named him Rex but since I have a BIL named Rex, we knew we'd have to change his name. So I let E name him - Guinness - no, not after Sir Alex Guinness the famed actor, not even after the famous world record keepers. No, our Guinness is named after Guinness Stout, E's favorite beer. E says Guinness is the color of the foam that tops a good glass of Guinness Stout. I've already shortened it to Gus.

As of right now, Guinness has not yet met the dogs. They are off getting groomed and have no clue when they return it will be to find the place has been taken over by a cat. But they were used to having Omar around so I think things will go well. Guinness was exposed to dogs in rescue and he's VERY laid back. I expect he'll just put them on "ignore" and go about his business.

Here are the pics that we have. I've tried taking new ones but he won't stand for it. Such a typical cat.


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