Mid-Life Ramblings; Sanity Optional

Wednesday, October 03, 2007

Ah, the smell of new cat

There is controlled chaos in our house. The cat isn't at all sure that he likes the dogs. The two little dogs have put him on ignore for the most part. However, Nate has appointed himself the cat supervisor. Every time Gus moves, Nate feels the need to be there. Now I know Nate well. He wants to play with the cat. That's why he keeps jumping around him and yapping. But Nate is about four times the size of the cat and it really pissed the cat off. Kudos to Gus though. He doesn't run from the dogs. He stands his ground and growls and swats, if necessary. The dogs, especially Sophie, are extra clingy because they are afraid we'll love the cat more than them (as if that could ever happen!). But dogs are like perpetual three year olds and logic doesn't work on them.

We've been keeping them separate during the day while we're at work. Gus gets the back of the house and the dogs get the front. It works well. Gus has decided he likes the bed.

I know that in a week or two all of this will be ironed out. But that yapping is about to drive me nuts.