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Monday, October 08, 2007

Recovering from the weekend

LSU almost let Florida taze them on Saturday. LSU (the #1 team in the freakin' nation) let Florida lead the whole game until the last minute and a half, when LSU managed to score a touchdown and lead by four points. No one of the 92,000+ fans left that stadium until the clock ticked all the way down to zero. I think I held my breath for the entire three hours. In fact, not more than 10 minutes into the game, I declared that I couldn't watch another minute and went in the back to play games on the computer. But being the nosy Cajun that I am, I turned on the little TV back there and watch out of the corner of my eye. The poor cat got introduced to the chaos that is the Barefoot household when there is a tight LSU game on. But there was much celebrating when LSU finally pulled it off.

I spent all day yesterday fighting the migraine from hell caused by the fact that my sinuses would not drain for anything. I tried coaxing them with Vicks Sinex and Benedryl to no avail. I ended up with my head between two pillows trying to sleep it off. It was about 7 pm when my sinuses finally gave up, having been subjected to some of each sinus med we had in the house. I'm sure my liver is pretty upset over all of that.

Tonight E and I have a date to clean up the kitchen, including the refrigerator. Whoo. Freakin. Hoo. Our exciting life just rolls right along.

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